Use Salesforce CRM and Streamline Business Processes

It’s important for businesses to have the privilege of being run from anywhere. They must not bother about investing in hardware or software to run or manage their operations. In a sense, they should leverage the cloud and get enriched with the best of cloud, mobile and social. Which is why, CRM helps as it […]

How to Write a Business Plan That Works

Key components in and organisation’s success will depend on a great degree on how well you; can gather and interpret information adapt to change manage staff and resources promote your business look after customers and more. This is where forward planning can help you. A colleague once told me that ‘even a bad plan is […]

Speaking to a Diverse Audience

Any professional speaker will tell you that one of the most important rules of speaking is to know your audience. For most speakers, this means hours of preparation researching the company or organization to which they will present their material. Speakers know that by reading trade publications, in-house newsletters and promotional materials, they will learn […]

The Role of the Business Model and Strategy for Business

People will always stress that having a well researched business plan is key before you start your business. Although creating a business plan is often an important step in the evolution of a business, particularly if you need financing or you are not experienced at running a business, it is not necessarily the essential first […]

How Joomla Is Beneficial For Developing Business Websites

Why Joomla is gaining popularity in Web Development Industry? It’s been more than a decade when Joomla was introduced as an open source CMS framework in the IT industry to compete with several other CMS frameworks. Hopefully, this technology has captured the IT market with its features. Joomla has become the first choice of businesses […]

How to Write a Business Plan That Will Attract Investors

One of the most critical and possibly often frightening moments every entrepreneur faces is when the business is in the expansion phase and needs for money for investment. Whether it involves raising a few thousand dollars or a few million dollars, you will be eventually required to present your business idea to complete strangers. This […]

Andrew Carnegie: Insider Trading Pioneer / The Wolf of Wall Street

First up I must say this is one of the best business biographies I have read, if any historical figure fully captures the duality of man it must be Andrew Carnegie. What makes him so interesting is that so much of what he did seems so contradionary. In his David Nasaws book “ANDREW CARNEGIE” this […]

History of Business Models

The concept and type of business models have constantly evolved throughout the years and have had a long history that dates back to several years. A very basic and popular model, since ancient times, has been the “shopkeeper model”, which involves establishing one’s store in such a location that is most likely to fetch potential […]

How to Promote Your Junk Car Business

There is no easy way to promote a business, especially if your business is still a starting business. Putting things in context and in the right perspective, let us focus our promotional examples in the premise of a junk car business. There are, of course, various ways to promote your junk car business. But I […]

Is the Traditional Performance Appraisal Dead?

It seems you cannot pick up a Human Resources professional journal these days, or even the business section of a major newspaper, without spotting an article touting the benefits of eliminating the traditional annual performance appraisal. In fact, recently entire books have been written endorsing its elimination. The experts attack the traditional performance appraisal system […]