Important Considerations When Driving International Business Growth And Expansion

Today, it is somewhat normal for businesses to expand to overseas markets. With the changes in the global market along with the innovations in IT, it has become a more realistic, manageable, and highly profitable venture to reach out to customers, regardless of their location. For some companies, the only way for them to remain […]

Auto Lease Termination – 4 Ways to Get Out of Your Auto Lease

There are times when unforeseen circumstances may result in the need for an auto lease termination. Whether it’s because of relocation, job loss or financial hardship if you need to get out of your vehicle lease there are options for you. Check your lease agreement to see if there are any restrictions on terminating your […]

Strategic Square – Whether or Not Marketing is a War

Recently I am getting phone calls from companies that want to talk to me about strategy, usually brand strategy or product strategy, sitting in front of many people who use various terms and different terminology. I must say that I personally am a great believer in long-term planning strategy, however I understand that sometimes conduct […]

Start Your Business In Dubai

Before setting up business in UAE, here are some tips. Dubai is the first emirate in the UAE to open its property market to foreign ownership. The government has established an entirely different set of rules and regulations to foreign investors. This means procedures are fast-tracked. The emirate carries the most successful economic performance within […]

3 Things to Consider Before Sharing Condo Ownership With Friends and Family

I just got back from my annual winter snowboarding vacation. As usual, even when I'm away from the office, I can not seem to stop thinking and talking about condo investing. This year, I visited Sun Peaks Resort here in British Columbia with some good friends from California and Dubai. It was not long before […]

Business Coaching Internship – Interning As a Business Coach

A business coaching internship is usually somewhat like an apprenticeship. Someone who wants to become a business coach asks to learn the business from an expert for little or no pay. The benefit is a firsthand experience of business coaching and explanations why the coach did what they did. The down side is that the […]

Mistakes To Avoid In Article Marketing

Article marketing has become an essential method for business promotion, and it is certainly better than the traditional marketing strategies. However, there are several reasons due to which your content may never get enough attention from users or might even receive rejection. It is important to understand that providing quality content is the key towards […]

Importance of Financial Stability Ratios

Common ratios to judge the financial stability of a business concern are gearing ratio, current ratio and liquid ratio. Gearing ratio shows the extent of a firm's reliance on debt to fund its activities. As the proportion of debt climbs (especially if it exceeds 65 percent of total funds for most businesses), the greater the […]

How to Generate Money Via the Path of Least Resistance

As we venture into the "Great Recession", we need to review how the tough economic time has impacted us. While the world leaders are busy rescuing the economic collapse, what do we do with our lives? We need to look into new measures to boost our financial standings. The rising unemployment rate is now at […]

Is Ron Mead's Probate Investing Course Any Good?

There are so many new products released each month that it's tough to manage them. Most are just small variants on or rehashes of existing products, 2nd rate wanabees. But a few look very promising. One of the best approaches to identify good products is by high user acceptance. In the product area of ​​Real […]