Importance of Financial Stability Ratios

Common ratios to judge the financial stability of a business concern are gearing ratio, current ratio and liquid ratio. Gearing ratio shows the extent of a firm's reliance on debt to fund its activities. As the proportion of debt climbs (especially if it exceeds 65 percent of total funds for most businesses), the greater the […]

Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed

It has been quite a quarter. The U.S Federal Reserve is now on hold, the U.K. has voted to withdraw from the European Union, Puerto Rico has just defaulted on almost $800 million in municipal bond payments, and we are in the midst of the most controversial Presidential election cycle in generations. All of these […]

How to Get Out of a Financial Rut

Imagine a world that is free of financial concerns. A place where all essential needs are easily provided and there is no debt or financial hardship. You would have total freedom of choice in what you do, where you go and what material possessions you choose to surround you. Here, everything is in abundance and […]

5 Reasons to Build Authentic Trading Rooms in a Finance College

Many business schools, and even finance-oriented high schools, across the nation are incorporating real-world digital solutions throughout their campuses and into the classrooms?a trend that reflects not only fast-technological advancements of the modern world but the impressive rate at which many of these still-new technologies are becoming cheap enough for the masses. One way to […]

Why Consumer Spending Matters to the Economy

There are a variety of factors that determine the strength of the U.S. economy, including government spending levels, imports versus exports and currency values. Yet, the biggest factor in determining the health of the economy is based on consumer spending, which is the case in most developed countries. According to statistics from the Federal Reserve […]

How to Trade Like WD Gann?

W.D. Gann was arguably one of the greatest traders and technical analysts that ever lived. He was known to have taken millions of dollars out of the market during the Great Crash of 1929-1933 and has attained cult like status amongst Technical Analysts and Traders alike. But how did W.D. Gann do it? What were […]

Do You Know What a Financial Asset Is?

In the mid-1990s, and man named Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called Rich dad, poor dad. This book was one of the first books that said your house was not a financial asset. Many people at the time argued that your house is an asset. Different people define a financial asset with a different definition. […]

Is Export Trade Finance Important Today?

For businesses concentrating only on the domestic market, they may miss out on different opportunities the international market offers. If you make a foray into the international market, you may increase your profit as well as protect your business from the negative effects of slowed-down growth. Apart from that, this will allow you to diversify […]

Similarities and Differences Between Bookkeeping and Accounting

People with proficiency and interest in numbers and mathematics have a number of careers to consider. Bookkeeping is one area of work to consider, as is accounting. Although some of the skills and responsibilities of these two careers may overlap, they both have distinctive job descriptions that set them apart from each other. Job Description […]

Commodities Research Reports – An Opportunity to Enhance Your Financial Front

The economy of a country depends on the strength of the market that it has within it. India is steadily and rising to become one of the leading economies of the world with a number of different markets which have exponential growth such as the agricultural, industrial, stock exchange real estate and commodity market. These […]