Strategic Square – Whether or Not Marketing is a War

Recently I am getting phone calls from companies that want to talk to me about strategy, usually brand strategy or product strategy, sitting in front of many people who use various terms and different terminology. I must say that I personally am a great believer in long-term planning strategy, however I understand that sometimes conduct […]

Mistakes To Avoid In Article Marketing

Article marketing has become an essential method for business promotion, and it is certainly better than the traditional marketing strategies. However, there are several reasons due to which your content may never get enough attention from users or might even receive rejection. It is important to understand that providing quality content is the key towards […]

State Run Capitalism Is Not the Answer to Being Competitive In the Global Market Place

Many look at China's Rise (economically) and suggest that their state-run capitalism is a superior model. I completely disagree, such methodologies and strategies will never be as efficient long-term as free-enterprise and free markets – short term however, it may look good on paper or economic statistics granted. We need not copy China to compete […]

Top 5 CPA Marketing Strategies

CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Marketing is an internet marketing income opportunity that's very similar to affiliate marketing. The difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is the fact that CPA networks pay you every time a user clicks on your link and takes an action – like fills out their email address, register on the landing site […]

My Million Dollar Online Marketing Mistake

The biggest mistake I ever made in my online marketing career cost me 1 million dollars. How did this happen? I squandered an asset that produces $60,000 in annual income. If you take that 1 million dollars and invest it safely to yield 6% per year, you will have a guaranteed annual income of $60,000. […]

Make Money Regardless Of Market Direction

When it comes to trading the way I do direction hardly matters. Down is OK, up is always better, sideways is the best revenge. When you trade options there are lots of ways to win: You can profit whether shares fall a little, when they climb higher or if they don’t do much at all. […]

Non-Profit Success Requires Ongoing Marketing

In a crowded marketplace of ideas, it is important for non-profit organizations to establish a well-defined niche. While most non-profits are not selling products, they are selling their organization’s mission, their ideas, their programs, and their services. In a world where everyone is inundated with information, a strong image is the key to community awareness. […]

Marketing Public Library Services in Sierra Leone

Introduction The concept of instituting marketing principles to non-profit institutions such as library and information Services is no longer a controversy. Organisations operate in an environment of change. Today we live in a global market for many goods and services in which technology, purchasing power and many factors change on a regular basis. One of […]

Thinking About Entering the Dutch Market?

The Netherlands is the home country of some big fishes out there, such as Heineken, Unilever, Shell and Philips. Not bad for such a small dot on the map right? But it is not only the mother country of some big multinationals, it is also a huge potential market for countries from all over the […]

Why Does My Business Need An Internet Marketing Strategy?

Why does my business need an internet marketing strategy? Every small business needs to have an internet marketing strategy to stay competitive. According to estimates, 85% of customers today begin their search for products and services on the internet. If you are not online, you are losing a large number of potential customers. Your internet […]